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About Us
Our offering

Dochsa is a centralised platform to facilitate the booking of vetted services, retreats & classes and sales of goods offered by our service provider network, offering reviews, payment and calendar and customer management, for Holistic Health, Beauty and Fitness, pet, adult and wellness businesses.
To our partners

Being part of this prestigious partner network is a sure way to increase your bookings and also offering your customers peace of mind that will facilitate the process of attracting new customers and managing them.
To our customers

You have access to the largest spa booking network. You can choose a partner with ease reading previous customer experiences and reviews. Making an informed decision and peace of mind that your payment and personal details are protected.
You can view and manage all the treatments that you have had through our partner network globally, offering a unique view which will allow for better treatment planning. You can choose to share your previous notes and treatments with new partners to ensure consistency but knowing that your data is protected and you choose who to share it with.

We offer protection for both customer and therapist during the treatment process. We offer the assured service that we vet all businesses that work with us to ensure that they are trained and insured. This in turn gives peace of mind when booking through our service. We act as a 3rd party, so that payment is only made once the treatment is completed.
Reviews and Reputation

The customer can offer reviews and request a refund without having to negotiate with the partner business. This is all handled by Dochsa thus eliminating administration and allowing you to do what you're good at.
Founders Background

Donovan Sampson is a trained holistic therapist and a global procurement director who has run a number of internet businesses. This unique view on the industry allows for Dochsa to adapt and offer services that are relevant and useful. He has adapted his love for technology and a strong belief in helping therapists and customers find each other in a simplistic way and to be able to manage the treatment and payment processes.
The idea of Dochsa was born out of a need to be able to find and book a treatment with the confidence that what you are booking has been vetted and that you are protected throughout the process offering peace of mind that your payment and personal information is maintained centrally.
Donovan's job offered him the ability to travel to a number of countries globally. He found that when in these countries trying to find and book a local partner was a quagmire and incredibly difficult especially when you did not understand that local customs, currency and language. Often he would find himself in situations that did not facilitate relaxation or understanding. This unique understanding has lead him to develop the Dochsa Network to facilitate a term he has coined glo-cal (global and local) travellers in finding, booking and sharing their treatment experiences. From a haircut, to mani-pedi to a Thai Massage.
Vetted Businesses

Ever looked for a therapist, online? How many of these businesses are certified & insured and who has vetted them? Dochsa was created to alleviate the mystery & create a database of people who practice with a conscience, training & passion for their client’s wellbeing. You have access to a worldwide booking tool and choose a provider after reading reviews. Our providers are trained, insured, vetted and backed by the recognised institute. You can see all bookings made globally, offering a unique view which allows for better treatment planning. You can choose to share your previous notes to ensure consistency. We act as a 3rd party and only release your payment to the provider once you have had the treatment, we use a simple voucher system so no need to carry cash. You can even leave a tip later if you want to, via our mobile app or online tool. If you need to request a refund you can without having to negotiate with the provider. This is all handled by Dochsa.

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