What Skills are Needed to be Taken Seriously?

What skills or level of education do you think is acceptable when engaging a practitioners, or does it change depending on what you are looking for? For example you are looking for a a simple relaxing body massage, should the practitioner be scrutinised the same as if you were looking for a Chiropractor? Personally I...

The Holistic List

UK’s largest vetted multidisciplinary directory of practitioners in holistic health, wellness, fitness, and spa sectors, trusted by the NHS (Social Prescribing and GP’s).

Introducing LilacDonkey

Here at Lilacdonkey, we wanted to create a collection of rare and unusual gifts to make you feel good.  Whether it be a collectable figurine from your favourite movie to bring out your inner child, or a sweet smelling bath bomb to indulge your senses, we have loads of ways to lift your mood. Why the...