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Colon care

Antibiotics and the microorganisms that inhabit the gut

Within our bodies, there are a significant amount of bacteria present, with the number of bacteria outnumbering human cells by twenty to one. Keeping a healthy balance between the beneficial and harmful bacteria is crucial for maintaining overall well-being and vitality in the long term.

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Natural Ingredients

“Uncovering the Ingredients in Your Food”

A good example of “hidden” ingredients are food additives. Almost everyone has heard of them, but how many of us actually take the time to find out what they are, which ones appear in our food and how they might affect our health?

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Acai Palm Tree
Weight loss

“Uncovering the Nutritional Powerhouse: Understanding What Makes Acai Berries a “Superfood””

Acai berries, pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee,” have been gaining immense popularity in the form of dietary supplements in recent years. These supplements come in the form of capsules and powders. The reason for this sudden surge in popularity is not just because of the media attention these berries have received, but also because of their exceptional nutritional content.

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astragalus root dochsa supplements
Stress reduction

8 Reasons to consider Astragalus Root

Astragalus is a flowering plant that is native to China and Korea. Its root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a tonic and adaptogen to improve overall health and well-being. Modern research has found that it can also stimulate the immune system and promote homeostasis in the body.

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Colon care

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy can have a positive impact on the body, both physically and mentally. By gradually decreasing the toxic build-up in the intestines, colonic hydrotherapy can help to reduce inflammation and irritation, leading to a range of health benefits.

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