Dochsa Ltd is a health technology start-up with clear aims to create the most comprehensive directory of vetted multidisciplinary Holistic Practitioners that facilitates manageability of patient’s holistic health and wellbeing via our secure booking platform. 

The inspiration for the Holistic List was a personal journey helping my mother regain her health. 

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer she wanted a blend of holistic and traditional treatment, we could not easily find a list of practitioners that specialised in cancer care and harder still to trust that they had been vetted, where trained in the latest techniques and insured to practice.  My siblings and I wanted to book online diaries at hand to ensure Mum  got to her appointments. We could only do this at night or on the weekend when typically practitioners are not working. We also wanted to share the cost so paying online was paramount. We wanted a place that we could login to and read any notes or information to ensure best care.    

We are also delivering quality holistic products and health supplements via out LilacDonkey brand.