The Holistic List

We started the Holistic List because we could not find a easy-to-use multidisciplinary list of Vetted Holistic Health Practitioners, that could be booked (including Zoom) and paid for online.

The Holistic Health Association vets all our Holistic Health Practitioners before they list on the platform.

Our aim is to be the UK’s largest vetted multidisciplinary platform offering services in holistic health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition sectors that is trusted by NHS. Offering health professional and their patients a trusted resource for physical and mind therapies.

Vetted is the only way

Before a practitioner provider is listed on the platform they need to go through a strict vetting process.  They will need prove their identity, qualifications, insurance and affiliations and additional GP approved vetting criteria.

We feel these additional check is what sets our practitioner providers above the rest.  We even vet the patients who want to book a services to ensure a trust ecosystem.

Who we work with:

  • Alternative and Medical Practices
  • Massage and Physical Practitioners
  • Fitness and Nutritional Practitioners
  • Mind and Relaxation Practitioners
  • Energy and Spiritual Practitioners
  • Courses and Training Providers
  • Retreats and Spa’s

We also offer curated reviews to help patients make the best choices.  Including our unique Holistic List Confidence Rating (HLCR) and Holistic List Status (HLS) which will tell you the level we have vetted the practitioner provider.

To Holistic Health Practitioner Providers

Being part of the Holistic Health Association and listing on the Holistic List is a sure way to increase your bookings.  You get a Full Business Listing with Images, Video and map.  If you choose you can offer online booking and payment to make it more convenient for your patients to book 24/7.


We offer protection for both customer and practitioner during the treatment process. We offer the assured service that we vet all practitioners and businesses that work with us to ensure that they are trained and insured. In turn we also Identity and address check all patients that use the service before they book, to ensure safety.

To Patients Service Users

You have access to the largest holistic health platform approved by health professional. You can choose a holistic health practitioner with ease before booking by reviewing their HLCR and HLS, reading previous customer experiences. Helping you make better informed decisions and peace of mind that your payment and personal details are protected.

You can view and manage all the treatments that you have had through our platform, offering a unique view which will allow for better treatment planning. You can choose to share your previous notes and treatments with new partners to ensure consistency but knowing that your data is protected and you choose who to share it with.

Rescheduling, Refund and Reminders

Patients can request a refund or reschedule appointments easily without having to negotiate with practitioner businesses.  You also get reminders via email and text to ensure you don’t forget.  This is for both physical and virtual appointments.


Founder Backgrounds

We are all trained holistic practitioners. This offer us a unique view on the industry allows for us to adapt and offer services that are relevant and useful. We have adapted our love for technology and holistic health and blended it with a strong belief in helping practitioners and patients find each other in a simplistic way and facilitating search, book and pay.


Are you a…

You should speak to us if you want to be included we are recruiting for: Acupressure Therapists, Acupuncturists, Alexander Technique Therapists, Aromatherapy Massage Therapists, Bowen Technique Therapists, Function Medicine Providers, Fitness Trainers, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Bates Method Practitioners, Reflexologists, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Qi Gong, Holistic Dentist or Holistic General Practitioner.

Or if you run a…

Holistic Health Class, Event, Retreat or what to post a Holistic Health Job.