What Skills are Needed to be Taken Seriously?

What skills or level of education do you think is acceptable when engaging a practitioners, or does it change depending on what you are looking for?

For example you are looking for a a simple relaxing body massage, should the practitioner be scrutinised the same as if you were looking for a Chiropractor?

Personally I don’t think it matters as both of these practitioners should be trained and insured to offer a service they are advertising. Yes agreed there is a perception that medical related practitioners should be scrutinised more. But I am of the firm belief that if all practitioners are to be taken seriously they need to be judged equally.

That being said it will be rather difficult to judge a crystal healer with a brain surgeon. However if we have a basic understanding of how they should be judged then the field is a more level.

On that note what do you think is the basic level of vetting required? We would love to hear your opinions.